HP Launches Green PC- Compaq DC 7800

HP India is spearheading the green PC movement with the launch of Compaq dc7800 in India. The new PC comes with a stamp of approval from the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold registry for passing all the strict…

What would we do without the Internet?

The Internet…what would we do without it? In today’s world the Internet has gained a lot of importance and most people can’t survive even a day without it. With social networking sites springing up everywhere, the Internet is helping people keep…

Python script read multiple files from a folder

Python script for read multiple files from a folder and write it in a separate single file.

Source Code:

import sys,os
path = “/home/jayapal/Desktop/route/”
fn = ‘/home/jayapal/Desktop/mapping/dem.txt’
target =open(fn, ‘w’)
for filename…

Electric is fast, Tesla believes so

If you ever thought all roadsters were fuel guzzling monsters think again because Tesla Motors is out to break the stereotype. Let the specifications amuse you, 0 – 60mph (100kmh) in under 4sec, 248hp (185kw) peak power, redline 13,000 rpm,…

Fiat 500, irresistible!!

What should I say, a cute car or small car challenge? Well let’s find out. Just exactly 50 years from the early model, this car is 3.55 meters long & 1.65 meters wide from its retro look image, just like the other manufacturers VW beetle and (BMW)…

Impact of Computers and Technology on Indian Society

In the globalized age where boundaries have been nullified, where technology has made the World a small space, the impact of science and technology needs to be analyzed to get a better understanding of the influence it can create throughout various kinds.

Blind man’s tower.

Blind man’s tower.

( an excellent game for testing the leader’s ability to work with M1 workers of The Situational Leadership
Model )
Items needed:
Teams of 3 people,
50 paper cups per team ,
tables for each team.
room big enough so…

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